Friday, 29 August 2014

Three positives a day.... Day 34.

Day 34. 

1,2 &3.) 

These 8 week jabs have knocked my ladybug for 6! she's been sleeping most of the day on & off & when she is awake she is so groggy! & to think she's got another 2 sets to come yet.. she's had 9oz of milk all day today &1oz of water & I keep freaking thinking that she's not had enough & she'll dehydrate & get really ill!! whoever said when you're a mum second time round its easy because you remember everything is talking bollocks!! Felicity is soo different to Joel, when he had his 8 week jabs even though he slept a lot you could guarentee he'd be awake bang on feed time, because he was & still is, a huge pig!! Felicity on the other hand only just takes 5oz, sometimes she takes 4oz & at 8 week old Joel was on 7-8oz! so, totally different! 

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