Friday, 1 August 2014

Three positives a day... Day 7.

My positives for today. 

Day 7. 

1) Today is the first day in 4 weeks that I can actually say that I am beginning to feel "well," I am still in some pain & discomfort but hopefully I am now definetely on the road to recovery. 

2) Today most of the day was spent indoors with my babies as it was raining & yakky outside, so whilst Felicity slept, I had as much "just me & Joel" time as I could. it was lovely doing things with him that we haven't done in a while.. 

3) Tomorrow we are having a visit from one of my friends who I met through slimming world, & I am actually looking forward to a little bit of adult time, even though we'll probably still talk babies & children.

Here is a picture of my little "milkaholic" ;) 

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