Monday, 15 September 2014

Diary Post #61. (Happy 4th Birthday Joel.)

Dear Diary.. 

I can't believe that my beatutiful little boy is now 4 years old, what an amazing weekend it has been. Joel has had an amazing birthday weekend, I have honestly never seen a little boy as loved as he is! aswell as toys from me & his daddy, he also got new clothes, dvds & £40's in money from the family. The boy has that many toys that we weren't sure what to let him do with his birthday money, some of the family mentioned putting it into a savings account for him, but then me & Neil both just looked at each other & I swear it was really crazy how we both had the exact same idea! we have decided to put £40-£50 (depending on how much it costs) toward the money Joel already has & finally get him that 6ft trampoline for the back garden that he's been after for a very long time now! ;) we haven't told him, & were hoping to find one & have it within the next couple of weeks so that we can surprise him with it. He doesn't understand what birthday money is, so we think this is a fantastic idea for him!

yesterday (14.09.2014) we had Joel's birthday party & it was a fantastic day, he had a great time with his friends & all of the family! I still cant quite believe that my beautiful little boy is now 4 years old.

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