Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Diary Post #63.

Dear Diary... 

- Tell me... 

How can I rub my children in somebodys face when they know that my blog/facebook page is all about my life in general - & the main topic 95% of the time is my children!? said person is no longer on my friends list on my personal page because they deleted me & then fobbed me off with some "virus" bullshit, & now they're winging & saying I rub the fact that i've had another baby in their face!

FYI: - & this goes for others too..
if you choose to read my blog then that's down to you, don't then go winging & bitching & making everything about you! i'm sick of listening to said persons & other people's attention seeking, pathetic, verbal diarrehoa!

The only person's "opinions" that are valid when it comes to my children, is their daddy, afterall, when it comes to making choices for OUR family, nobody else matters. it hasnt got anything to do with anybody else... If I want to let my son run round topless, I will! if I want to let my son play video games in the garden in the sun, I will! & if I want to place my daughter into nursery for 4 hours ONE afternoon a week so that I can take control of my depression I WILL!!

so do me a favor, before anyone decides to judge me, just make sure your life is perfect first. people that live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.

rant over.
(sorry guys) 

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