Thursday, 18 September 2014

Diary Post #64. Surprises.

Dear Diary...

Today we got a lovely surprise visit from a friend. Sharna, her partner & their beautiful baby girl, Charlie! 

Me & Sharna have gone through our last two pregnancies together. My eldest Joel & her middle little girl Jessica were born 5 weeks apart back in 2010! now, four years later, we fell pregnant together again, only this time, my little ladybug Felicity, & her little girl Charlie, were born only 5 days apart! Technically it should have been only one day apart, as my section was planned for 7th July & hers the 8th! but my daughter decided to be cheeky & make an early arrival on 3rd July instead! ;) 

Unfotunetely :( They couldnt stay too long! but we are hoping to meet up again & have a full day together.. feels like I havent seen her in forever! well, technically, I havent, not since 2010 anyways! still, it was a lovely suprise & really brightened my day.... 


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