Monday, 10 November 2014

Diary Post #61 *Shunt paranoia*

Dear Diary.. 

so for the past few days I have really not been feeling very well. On Thursday evening, after me & the hubs had settled both children down in bed, we were getting ready to chill out ourselves, snuggle up & watch something on the tv together.. as I went to sit down on the sofa I kind of threw myself backwards, & as I did, Neil lifted his arm to put it round me & the back of my head kind of collided with his elbow.. he smacked me right in the back of the head, right on my shunt valve! which gave me an instant headache! At first I thought nothing of it, took some paracetmol & carried on with our evening, but that night after I had gone to bed I started to feel "strange" I cant explain the weirdness, it's like my body went completely numb & my hands & feet tingled & its as though I was having an out of body experience, all whilst i'm awake.. it only lasts a couple of seconds each time but it was scary as hell & I was having very strange dreams too.. 

I got really paranoid on Saturday that something bad was going to happen to me! i've been unbeliably tired & just feeling like crap! Thankfully this seems to have settled down since yesterday (Sunday) i'm still having a slight headache, but the "weirdness" seems to have calmed down which was what was freaking me out the most. I can deal with headaches, but I cant deal with not feeling as though i'm not in control of my own body. 

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