Thursday, 13 November 2014

Three years post surgery.


3 years ago on this night, I was sat in Leeds General Infirmary Children's Surgery Ward awaiting what would be the most horrific week of my entire life - Joel's open lung surgery to remove the entire bottom lobe of his right lung were his CCAM sat. no matter how many days, weeks, months or even years go by, I will never forget this week. it was one of the most heartbreaking times in my entire life. I had to watch my 14 month old little boy go through complete agony & there was nothing I could do! Joel is my miracle, my warrior & my absolute world. I wouldn't wish CCAM on my worst enemy, but my boy got through it & with every milestone that he reaches, every achievement he makes & every birthday we share, I am the proudest mum on the entire planet, because in April 2010, I didn't think I would get to watch him grow into the handsome & amazing little boy that he has & I am so thankful that he made it. he has shown me just how strong he can be & he has taught me how to be strong too! I love you Joel, with every last breathe in my body!! <3

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