Monday, 1 December 2014

Diary Post #64. Visiting Family. X

Dear Diary... 

On 26th November I took my children to see my family. They hadn't seen Joel since he was 2 years old & they hadn't met Felicity at all since she was born 5 months ago! we set off from Castleford at 10.30am & arrived in Barrow in Furness at 14.30pm, a four hour journey, with two children, luggage & a pram! something I was anxious about for weeks, but I did & I am so proud of myself now! Joel was a total gem! I was so proud of him when we got to Barrow, he stuck by me at all times & was a total star. 

We spent 4 days in Barrow, it was ment to be 5 days but Joel missed his dad hugely so we travelled home a day early. most of the time was spent with just family, who came to meet Felicity & to see Joel for the first time in 2 years! 

as well as my family seeing my children, I also got to meet my nephew Geordie-Roy for the first time since he was born in Febuary of this year! he's an absolutely stunner.. a double of his daddy & so loving & content.. I wanted to bring him home with me, he's such a credit to my sister & my brother in law.. Joel & Felicity loved him too, Joel was just as besotted with him as he is his sister, & I think Felicity was just curious at the fact that he was another baby hehe! 

aswell as seeing my family I saw my second mum too! I got to spend the afternoon with her, her daughter & my two children. She treat us all to lunch & copletely spoilt Joel. we took him to a soft play centre to burn some of that energy, & then she took us over to see her horses! it was such an awesome afternoon, I cant wait to see her again! 

On Sunday we travelled back to Leeds & Joel was so excited to see his dad.. when we arrived back into Castleford & his dad was there waiting for him, he did a total "movie moment" he dropped his backpack & ran towards his dad with his arms stretched out wide shouting "dadddddddddy" it totally put a lump in my throat! needless to say Joel was pleased to see his dad after 4 days away.

Not sure i'm going to be taking him home with me next time though, he really is a "home bird" prefers to be around things & people he knows properly, that's no offence to my family, its just the way things are, Joel's life is in Leeds, he doesnt know Barrow & in reality, he doesnt really know my family, not as much as he knows his dads. i'm just grateful my family havent took any sort of offence at this, because its not his fault & its not mine either, it's just how things are! 

Joel reunited with his Daddy.. X

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