Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Diary Post #66. A very special dedication.

Ethan George Hopson. 

Dear Diary.. 

This December I want to dedicate my Christmas post to a friend, a beautiful, strong lady who always finds this time of year really hard. Karly Hopson. 

On December 22nd 2011, at just 6 months old, Karly's little boy, Ethan George Hopson took his last breathe in his mummy's arms & grew his angel wings & flew to heaven. 
I have followed this beautiful boy's story for 3 years, & I follow his mummy on Facebook too!
she is possibly the most amazing mummy that I have yet to meet. ;) I couldn't for one second imagine the pain she must have been through, & the pain she still endures everyday, but yet she carries on for her little boy. 

A little bit of happiness for Karly, she recently gave birth to her rainbow baby George-Henry & I couldnt be happier for her, the girl deserves just a little bit of happiness after everything she has been through.. 
George-Henry is the spit of his big brother, & I know for a fact Ethan is proud as punch! 
Karly is a true inspiration to all of us, the night Ethan was taken into hospital, Karly set up a "make a wish" page for him, please join this page & show Karly & Ethan your support. 

>>> Make a wish for Ethan George Hopson.  <<< 

If I could have just one wish this Christmas it would be for you to be here with your Mummy & your beaut of a baby brother George-Henry. Nobody knows the pain your mummy has been through, & nobody can say that they "know how she feels" because nobody does. 

I hope you're doing okay up there little angel, I can't believe it's almost Christmas & almost your 3rd angelversary. :( my candle will be burning in memory of you. your mummy & your little brother George-Henry are never far from my thoughts, I am always stalking her facebook too! ;) for updates on your brother & to see pictures of your beautiful face! I just wish we could see your beautiful face now, & see what a gorgeous little man you are growing into! 

sleep tight Ethan, 
& always shine bright angel. 

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