Sunday, 28 December 2014

Diary Post #68 - Christmas 2014, Felicity's first.

Dear Diary.. 

Not only was this Christmas Felicity's first, but it was also the first Christmas that Joel understood what was going on. it was an amazing day. We all had so much fun & we were all spoilt silly. I dont see my own family over Christmas with me living away, so to be apart of such a loving & amazing family that treat me as one of their own is the best feeling in the entire world. 

Our Christmas all started at 7.30am. Myself & Neil were awake on & off from 5.30am with excitment. we fed Felicity & then we just lay there waiting for Joel to get up - in the end Neil had to go in & get him up, otherwise I am pretty sure he'd of slept until 9-10am ;) they sat together on Joel's bed after he woke up & looked in his stocking, at first Joel looked a little confused, as I think he thought that was all santa had brought him - that is until we took him downstairs & he saw all of the presents under the tree! 

watching his face light up as he opened each present & watching Felicity roll around the living room carpet trying to eat the wrapping paper was truly priceless! Having children at Christmas is the best feeling in the world.

After we had open presents, showered & dressed we took a walk over to Neil's parents house as that is were we were having Christmas Dinner & seeing all of the family. The afternoon was spent chatting laughing & watching more presents be opened. I love seeing everyone together, we dont do it often enough these days, so when were all together it is so much fun! 

After everyone had left - they had their own Christmas plans, we settled down for a game of cards with Neil's parents & even Joel joined in a little bit, truth be told he was alot more interested in his 2DS & his new games ;) we finally got home around half 8, the kids went straight to bed & we weren't long behind them! it was ana amazing & lovely day, but very tiring to say the least... the one thing I look forward to the most about Christmas, is the amazing Boxing day full english breakfast that neil's dad does on the morning..

we spent a few hours at Neil's parents on boxing day & then we went home to get our house looking normal again after the hecticness of Christmas! our babies were truly spoilt & got so many presents off the family, I am truly greatful.. took me a long time to find them all new places to live though ;) 

its safe to say this Christmas has been one of the best & I can't wait to do it all over again next year when both my babies will be that little bit older & even more excited. 

I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas & I want to wish you all the best for 2015, may it bring you all lots of joy & happiness. 

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