Thursday, 8 January 2015

Diary Post #70! hopes on a new house!

Dear Diary.. 

So this year we are hoping to move house. we desparately need to get onto the council housing list so that we can start bidding for somewhere new to live! the conditions we are living in right now are hurrendous. we have been living in a house riddled with damp for amost 2 years now.. I live with servere lung disease, our son Joel also has a lung condition, & our 6 month old daughter Felicity has lived with a chest infection for the past 6 weeks that even with antibiotics doesnt want to shift. :( 

so today we have filled out forms for the council register & we just need to provide a few documents to prove we are who we say we are & also I need proof that I am in reciept of disability living allowance due to my lung condition! I have made lots of phone calls & my health visitor is coming to see me tomorrow & she has said she will back me 100% as she has seen the state of our house & also seen how poorly myself & Felicity have been! its even beginning to affect Joel's chest now! :( our doctor is writing up a letter to say I am currently on medications for depression & anxiety & that both myself & my daughter have been given antibiotics recently for chest infections! on top of that, the estate agent we are with came to inspect our house on 28th December & they have said that the conditions are "disgusting" & "unhealthy" for our children aswell as ourselves to be living in, so they are also getting on the banwagon now to help us! my health visitor is also writing a letter to say that our living conditions at the moment is having a huge impact on my mental state, which isn't a lie! so hopefully all of this will make the council see that we need somewhere new to live!

this is our livingroom!

this is our bedroom, were our 6 month old daughter also sleeps! 

& this is the window at the top of our stairs..

Would you want your children living in these conditions when one has lung conditions & the other is only very young! :( 

Please keep your fingers crossed for us! I do hope that at some point this year I can say we are moving house.. because I really am fed up of living here in a house that Jack built. 

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