Sunday, 4 January 2015

Diary post #70! - My first post of 2015!

Dear Diary... 

so this is my first post of 2015.. Hello January! 

I am not going to make this post a long one I basically just wanted to wish all of my followers, likers, friends a family a HAPPY NEW YEAR & all the best for 2015.. I hope this year brings you, aswell as myself, lots of happiness & positivity! 

This year I am determined to have lots of good days.. obviously I will probably still have bad days because that's depression for you! but this year I am going to be focusing on the future, the things that are to come & not looking back & dwelling on the past.. see that's been my problem over the past few years, I have taken too much to heart, things people have said & done has really bothered me, well thats going to be different this year.... i'm not letting others bother me anymore! this year is all about me, my family & all of the people around me who love, care & support me, sod the negativity & hate.. I aint got time for that shit.. This year, my baby boy is going to be starting full time school! (reception) in April we find out what school he has been accepted into & then from then until September it will be a busy couple of months preparing him for big school & making sure he has everything he needs.. I am so excited about seeing him in his little uniform for the first time! I know I am definetely going to cry like a baby too! as well as Joel starting school, we will also be celebrating our daughter Felicity's first birthday.. (I cant believe she is already 6 months old) I will probably cry at that too! 

so you see, lots to look forward to this year.. I dont have time to be looking back & wondering what if I had done things differently! as one door closes another one opens & that door that has just opened is looking so positive I can feel it already running through my veins! we are also hoping to move house this year too.. we need more space & in time, Joel & Felicity will need their own rooms, so I would rather do this transition whilst they are both young & open minded enough to accept it, more Felicity than Joel.. Joel has been in his own room since he was 7 months old, Felicity on the other hand, at the moment she shares with us & then she will be sharing with Joel, so I think her going into her own room might be a little more challenging.. but maybe not.. we'll have to jump that hurdle when we come to it. 

so from me, have a great year guys & please keep following, reading & sharing my blog. 
also dont forget to like & share my facebook page too! A Woman Of Many Roles; Full Time Mummy, Housewife & Living with Depression. the support I have recieved since starting this blog & my page is amazing & I am so grateful to each & everyone of you. Xxx

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