Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Diary Post #72.. #RANT. "you can't pick your family - well apparently you can!"

Dear Diary..

So were do I even start? the beginning I suppose.

On 12th Febuary until 16th Febuary I am visiting my home town to see family, friends & celebrate my nephew's first birthday & as always, you cant please everyone. my TWIN sister has kicked off & thrown her teddies out of her pram because I am travelling back to Leeds on the 16th & not staying for her daughters birthday on 17th! - I genuinely forgot. Now, correct me if I am wrong here, but what right did that give her to then start bitching & slagging me off to every tom, dick & harry that would listen to her? so trying to be the better person I calmy phoned her & tried to explain that I had forgot but she totally didnt listen & started going into one of her nonsense rants yadda yadda yadda! then she told me she'd call me back.. & the next time I log online I see she's at it again with her status' only this time she took it way too far. she brought up the fact that I was sexually abused & I now use it for attntion.. I havent mentioned my attack since it happened last year, I spoke of it once when the anniversary of it happening came round & that was it, she's also told me that she doesnt class me as her twin anymore just because I moved away & that she is now a single person - we shared a womb, nothing will ever change that deary. 

Basically she has now "disowned" me & doesnt want to speak to me ever again, all because I forgot about her daughters birthday.. it stung, i'm not going to lie she is my sister, & she's basically now wiping me from her life! but if that is the way she wants it then so be it. my children wont miss out by not knowing who she is! they have the people around them that truly love & care for them & i'm sure I will eventually get over it, I have 3 other sisters, I have all of my family & I also have my husbands family.. she clearly doesnt know how lucky she is to have sisters! let her carry on sulking, i'm done! 

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