Monday, 9 February 2015

Diary Post #76 - 10 days post op.

Dear Diary. 

It has been 10 days since I was discharged from hospital after having brain surgery three times to sort out my shunt. on Friday (5th Feb) I had my stitches, staples & clips removed from my head & tummy. Whoever said "having stitches & staples removed doesn't hurt, you barely feel a thing" clearly talks out of their backside because it did hurt, it hurt alot. I would of rather have done labour again or had a tattoo! at least you get something at the end. ;) 

My head; Stitch & staple free..

Having the clips taken out of my tummy.

After I had, had my stitches staples out I was told that I was able to have a bath.. & I am not even joking when I say, after waiting 11 days, it was the most amazing bath I have ever had in my entire life. Joel & Felicity decided that they wanted a bath too, so after I had gotten out, I ran them a bath & they had a play together.. I love watching them in the bath together, I just completely melt.. they're so adorable. 

Joel & Felicity in the bath together. My babies love bath time.

After 11 days, this was the most amazing bath in the entire world.

I now feel like a human being once more.. 11 days of not being able to wash my hair & only have strip washes was was a nightmare. although I was washing myself I still felt like a total scruff, it didn't how clean I was, I still wasn't able to wash my hair, & not only did it feel disgusting, it looked it too. Honestly, you could have cooked a full English breakfast on my head it was so rotten! :p 
Me after my bath on Friday.

I finally now feel like a human being again! asides from the dodgy haircuts, due to my ops, which are yet to be sorted once my head isn't so tender. ;) I think it is safe to say, considering I almost lost my life just over a week ago, recovery has been pretty quick.. I still have aches & pains & I am still taking things one day at a time because I am still feeling dizzy, but I do feel 100% better than what I did. <3

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