Monday, 9 February 2015

Diary post #77. - Swelling or Hernia?

Dear Diary...

If this is just swelling then I have to sy, it's proper freaky.. This is where my tubing to my shunt ends & the fluid from my brain drains into my stomach. I came out of hospital on Friday 30th January & this swelling has suddenly appeared out of nowhere on Thursday 5th Febuary. :/ It doesn't hurt or anything but it feels pretty solid, like it's a huge mass. it's really starting to freak me out now, so this afternoon I am going to the doctors so that they can take a look. I did show the nurse that removed all of my stitches, staples & clips on Friday, but she didn't seem to care all that much, she just told me everything was fine.. hmm? so why have my instincts being going mental since then? 

I will update you all once I know more.. 
I am really hoping that I don't end up in hospital again! 

so please, I ask you to cross your fingers & pray that is is nothing to worry about. X 

The strange looking growth/ lump. it could even be Alien! ;) 

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