Saturday, 28 February 2015

Diary Post #78 - Just a short post.

Dear Diary.. 

So last Friday I was supposed to be visiting the doctors to have the stitches taken out of my stomach, I got down there & the receptionist told me that the nurse had been carted off in an ambulance that morning so there was nobody there to do my removal.. I then had a little rant at her & said "Have people never heard of making phone calls? apparently they had called me on my mobile & left a messages, which I denied because nothing had come through on my phone all day.. so yeah, I got that off my chest & then I rearranged for Monday.. 

Monday came round & again I headed to the doctors to have my stitches removed. I got in there, the nurse took my dressing off & what do ya know? there was nothing there to be removed. all my stitches were internal HAHA! :/ At least this time I couldnt really blame the doctors surgery.. im assuming that when I had the "clips" in my stomach the first time round & my scar bust & stuff, that maybe that was one of the reasons I was taken back in again, along with my scar splitting & brain fluid spilling out.. so getting to my point, I am assuming they decided against putting them in again? 

so yeah, I am now stitch & staple free, & on Thursday I was able to take the dressing off my stomach & let it breathe. 

So, in the last four weeks I have been through 3 lots of brain surgery & 1 lot of major stomach surgery, & today I took a "selfie" & was very surprised at how well I look to say that I am still feeling a bit crappy. getting there slowly though, its going to take a while longer but I am beginning to feel the best I have felt in months. 

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  1. Here's hoping you feel better even more day by day!