Thursday, 5 March 2015

Diary Post #81. - On the mend (:

Dear Diary... 

Five weeks has passed since I had three lots of brain surgery to fix my VP Shunt (hydrocaphulas) My hair is now slowly starting to go back (yey) & in just 3 weeks time I have an appointment to see my surgeon again & I am hopping he will give me the "all clear" so that I can travel to Cumbria & see my family & friends. I was supposed to be going there in Febuary to celebrate my nephews 1st birthday but I was far too poorly & I was absolutely gutted, so instead I have carried on saving & if all goes well at my appointment on 26th March, I shall be travelling home with my 8 month old daughter on 8th April... I am still in pain somewhat, its more, first thing in the morning & last thing at night, but I have come off all of the big medications now & I am just taking Paracetmol & Ibuprofen for my pain, which seems to be working.. I know in myself that I am loads better & that I am slowly getting there now! 

wish me luck for my Appointment on 26th March, I really want to go home! 

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