Thursday, 26 March 2015

Diary post #86. **I got the all clear**

This just about fits my mood when I walked out of the hospital this afternoon!

Dear Diary, 

Today I had my "six weeks check" with the surgeon who did all of my surgery's to fix my shunt in January & February & I am over the moon to tell you all that today he discharged me! I also found out that I actually have two fully working shunts in my head now that is draining excess fluid from my brain.. it was revealed after my second operation that just the one shunt wasnt working as it was taking on too much fluid so it kept blocking & this is why I was given a third surgery to have a shunt placed in the left side of my head, & apparently having two working shunts is very rare, so I kinda feel really cool.. all of this also means that I DEFINETELY get to travel home & see my family in April, yeeyy. I can't even explain the weight that has been lifted off my shoulders this afternoon..I was able to ask questions that have been worrying me & I just feel so much better. 

This whole appointment has clearly been bothering me more than I actually knew, because when I walked out of that hospital I just felt so happy & for the past few days I have been a nervous wreck! so now I can get on with life & relax. I told him about the headaches I have been having & I also explained that I am waiting on some glasses, so he asked me to describe my headaches to him, & thank god he didnt seem concerned in the slightest, but he did tell me that I needed to know that there is a 30% chance that a shunt can fail within the first year of it being put in, but he's confident enough that he doesnt need to see me again, & if anything does go wrong then I am not to call my doctor, but to call the ward that I was on after my surgerys & they will sort me out straight away, which was very reassuring, & in all honesty I think that is all I have needed, just some reasurance because now I feel great & feeling great feels good. 

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