Friday, 3 April 2015

Diary post #87 - House hunting.

Dear Diary... 

This last week we have been looking for a new house, a new house that we can call home! we desparately need to get out of this place now! it is drowning in damp & the landlord doesn't seem to give two flying wanks! He came round on Sunday, told us that they were thinking of converting the house into a three bedroom, which we thought was amazing, until he said "oh no, I mean that will be once you have moved out, OR if you buy the house?!" yeah because were going to buy a house that we've been having problem after problem with since November 2014.. no thanks! 

So on Tuesday (31st March) we went to view a three bedroom house that admittedly I totally fell in love with, but the truth was, it was too far out. there was no schools, no shops & not even any bus stops near by! the house was more for a family that owned a car, & considering we don't we had to say no! I wasn't disappointed for too long though, as I decided to get straight back online & start looking for another house, & we also came to the decision that with money being rather short at the moment we are going to narrow down our search, & instead of going for a 3 bedroomed house straight away were going to look for a two bedroom house instead, both of our children are stil young so are able to share a room for a fair few years yet, then once our "finances" pick up, we can search for a 3 bedroom house! 

On Tuesday (7th April) we are viewing a house not to far away from my mother in law, (i'm quite excited) it looks like a lovely little house, its two bedrooms & it even has a lovely little garden for our children, which is a bonus! I can't really promise anything but I am hoping that I dont instantly fall in love like I did first time round just incase it isnt the house for us! although I am pretty sure it is as Neil has already said how nice it looks! (which is another bonus as Neil doesn't really go by "pictures" like I do)

Please keep your fingers crossed for us that this house is the one & that we don't have to spend any longer looking for somewhere else to live! I really can't wait to get out of here, maybe then my children's health will improve with them not having to live in a house drowning in damp, because it really is disgusting the conditions we have are currently having to live in! I actually can't believe the landlord is on about "doing the house up" & then selling it on, it needs knocking down, not selling on in my opinion. 

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