Friday, 3 April 2015

The NUMBER #1 crafts page on facebook - Doughy Delights & Crafts.

Today's featured post is the amazing Doughy Delights & Crafts page on Facebook that is run by the very talented Claire Rashy

If you are looking to buy peronalised gifts or even keepsakes for your children/family then it is an absolute MUST that you get your bums over to Doughy Delights & Crafts & place your orders with Claire who has been running her business page for 3 years now & I myself have even made purchases which have been out of this world. 

check them out.. 

Claire's page also features frequent giveaways! which I find personally, really helps people feel involved in her page & the work that she does. 

I have never met Claire in person myself but I do think she is a very inspriational woman & very talented indeed, & I guess all that is left to say is, I hope that you all head over to Doughy Delights & Crafts & that you all enjoy Claire's page & her awesome creations that she puts all of her heart & soul into as much as I do! 

Keep up the fantastic work Claire. 

- To be involved in the latest giveaway over at Doughy Delights & Crafts then click here...

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