Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Diary Post #92. - Bank Holiday Monday Sunshine..

Dear Diary.. 

On Bank Holiday Monday I spent the afternoon with my amazing little family & it was lovely... we went on a nice long walk in the sun just me, the hubs, our children & his mum & dad & their doggies! It was definetely something that I needed, I have been suffering from a little bit of cabin fever just recently due to being in the house all of the time so I needed to get out & blow them cobwebs away. 

We took Joel & Felicity to the park, & Felicity loved the swings, meanwhile Joel was running around with his nanna & Neil was gabbing with his dad & keeping the dogs company.. i've never seen my babies have so much fun. Altogether we spent three hours out walking, & it was so refreshing.. I forgot about everything, & my mood was amazing when when we got back home - as well as me having really sore feet. 

when you have a low mood, do something about it, dance, go for a walk, do some house work, SING!! don't dwell & sit thinking about things because talking from past experiences, it doesn't help.. not in the slightest. 

Here is a picture of our afternoon.. :) 

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