Saturday, 16 May 2015

Diary Post #95. PROUD MUMMY..xo

Dear Diary... 

Today we decided to have a family day, so we headed into town to do some shopping, have some lunch & just simply spend some time out of the house as a family. I haven't been getting out of the house much just recently due to being plagued with migraines & headaches after my surgery, so I have been suffering with some serious cabin fever & my mood has been so very much up & down. 

so today I decided enough was enough & I wanted to get out.. so like I say, we went into town, browsed in a few shops (game shops for Joel & Neil) & then we had some lunch. afterwards we took Joel to go on the bouncy castles that were in the center of town, & he very much enjoyed himself. He completely smashed his fear of the bouncy castle slides today, it took some pursuading to get him up there first time round, but once he got to the top with mine & the bouncy castle guys encouragement he was chuffed to bits.. the smile on his face as he came down was truly preiceless. He then spent a good 45 minutes going up & down the slide all on his own.. he was loving every second of it, god bless him & I am very proud of him for finally getting the courage & doing it. 

here is a picture of my brave boy coming down the slide & having a total blast. 

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