Monday, 18 May 2015

Diary post #96. - Shunt Problems..... AGAIN. :(

Dear Diary... 

Today has been a total headache of a day. Quite literally.

This morning I had to go back to hospital & have my shunts checked over due to the constant headaches, nausea & dizzy spells that I have been having since my last lot of surgery in Feburary.

I spent the morning having bloods done, a ct scan & xrays to find out whats going on. thankfully, the positive is that all the tests came back clear today, but because of all the symptoms I am having I am being monitored & I have to go back to hospital again next Wednesday at 9am to have the tests repeated, as they think all of this could be the start to a shunt blockage. (great) I was also told that I need to pack a bag - just in case I need to have surgery again.

Thankfully, I got to come home this afternoon to my husband & children, as nothing more can be done today, but I have however spent the afternoon in bed with a stonking headache! this evening i've had a shower & I have also tried to eat some tea, even though my apetite seems to have completely disappeared :( - another symptom. 

I am really hoping that my shunts haven't begun to block again, I like to think that I can be a strong person when I really need to be, but I am not sure that I could go through more brain surgery again, the thought is terrifying. & whats even more important, MY HAIR HAS ONLY JUST GROWN BACK. no joke of a lie, I truly am bricking it. 

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