Friday, 29 May 2015

Diary Post #98. - Hospitals Hospitals Hospitals.

Dear Diary... 

So to say that Wednesday was a long day would be a total understatement. I spent the entire morning in hospital having both of my vp-shunts checked over due to me suffering servere headaches/migraines for the past 2-3 week.. possibly even longer than that to be honest. Thankfully my bloods & ct scan came back okay & revealed that BOTH of my vp-shunts are working exactly as they should be doing, but now I am being referred to an eye specialist so that he can take a look into the back of my eyes to see if he can work out why I keep getting these nasty headaches so frequently.  I mean I know for a fact that it isn't down to me needing some new glasses, as I only had a site test & had new lenses prescribed in March, so an "urgent" appointment has been sent out to the surgeon that did my operations in Jan-Feb & it has been said that if my headaches don't subside or begin to calm down then he may suggest doing a procedure where he places a needle into my vp-shunts to check the pressure.. this I believe is called a "ventriculoperitoneal shunt tap" I haven't had one of these done since I was a baby, so I don't really remember what happens & for the time being whilst I await my appointments with the eye specialist & my neurosurgeon, I have been prescribed stronger pain killers which should hopefully give me some form of relief from these headaches.. 

The doctor that I spoke to on Wednesday also told me that alot of shunted patients tend to suffer with frequent headaches/migraines & that there is actually some form of "life long" medication that they could look into putting me on to help me cope & control the headaches if all else fails which should then hopefully give me a better quality of life as I wouldn't be plagued with headaches & such like I am now, & in all fairness, I would much rather be taking medication for the rest of my life rather than have to live with these horrible & hurrendous headaches everyday, because I am not even joikng when I say that I have practically spent the majority of this last week stuck in bed.

a positive note... 

My beautiful children have been my rock recently (as well as my husband & a lot of other people) but these two beautiful gems are my real reason that I have fought the way I have since January, they are the reason that I fight everyday through this darkness that is depression & conquer my demons, they are the reason that I carry on & keep myself above water, & not let myself sink My beautiful babies are MY LIGHT. 

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