Monday, 8 June 2015

Diary Post #100. - Hydrocephalus.

Dear Diary... 

I have learnt so much about my vp-shunts & Hydrocephalus since January this year when I needed to have four lots of surgery. I have also made some lovely friends through Hydrocephalus groups & pages on Facebook which I am now apart of, & I can't even begin to explain or comprehend the relief & & how nice it is being able to speak openly to people who "truly" understand how it is & how it feels to live with a vp-shunt.. this of course is no offence to anybody else, but it has helped me a lot just recently, especially over the past few weeks when I have been in & out of Hospital with problems following surgery.

I am slowly on the mend. it could take upto 6-12 months for my brain to be fully recovered from the trauma it has been through, & due to this I suffering terribly at the moment with short term memory loss which is also known as a mild form of dementia, dur to everything my brain has been through. I mean jesus, I know I was a bit of a dumbpass before all of this, but seriously? my memory is ridiculous at the moment. I get so much mixed, up, I forget things 10-15 minutes after I have talking about them, & when I get stressed, I stutter & can't get my words out... which can be extrmetly embarrassing if in the company of people you don't really know & they don't understand. 

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