Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Diary post #101. FINALLY.. My first hair cut after surgery...

Dear Diary.. 

Not many people understood just how much having my hair done yesterday meant to me... as most of you know, 4 months ago I had 3 shunt revisions in the space of 15 days, & I was left with two bald patches on my head were they had revised my right sided shunt twice & then placed a second brand new shunt in on the left side of my head. so I now have two fully functional working shunts! but nevertheless, the thought of having bald patches & hair that grew back looking like shit, has made me extremely self concious.
So yesterday evening, I had my first hair cut since surgery, & although I spent a lot of the time flinching in pain whilst having my hair done & then today I have pretty much spent the entire day in bed feeling sickly with a migraine, which is all due to me having my hair sorted out. it seems that my head is still extremely tender & could be for at least the next few months, I so knew I was going to suffer today, but my god it was so worth it. hopefully with the help of my new higher dose of codiene it should settle the migraines down again in the next few days & at least I am looking half decent again now, it has given me the confidence boost that I so very much needed. 

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