Sunday, 5 July 2015

Diary Post #104. Felicity turns 1 year old..

Felicity Rae-Ellen Mortimer. 
7lb 14oz at 12.41pm. 

Dear Diary.. 

On Friday 3rd July 2015 my precious, beautiful, cheeky little ladybug turned 1 year old. I can't actually believe that one whole year has gone by in the blink of an eye since I brought my daughter into the world.. I love her to pieces. 

Thursday night I put my baby girl to bed, & waited until she was settled & sleeping before the fun began of setting all her birthday presents out & putting up her banners & balloons... than ta midnight I went to bed & asif she knew it was her special day, Felicity woke up at 4.30am & stayed awake until her daddy & big brother got up at 7.30am & then we all sat round & watched Joel help his sister open all of her presents & them play with her new toys together.. it was so sweet to watch. I love thir bond. 

After we had spent the morning playing toys & opening presents, Felicity then went to nursery with her brother for the afternoon, I took in a sponge cake & everyone sang happy Birthday & celebrated with Felicity. 

On Saturday we spent the day with the whole family having a BBQ & again celebrating Felicity's birthday... it was an amazing day, Felicity had lots of fun & recived some very pretty new dresses off her aunties & uncles & lots of new bath toys of nanna & granddad. 

Felicity has such a fun day that on our 2 minute walk home from nanna & granddads house, she fell asleep in her pram & I was able to get her inside, take her upstairs, change her for bed & place her comfortably in her cot, all without waking her up... she was one very shattered little lady.

On Sunday we celebrated for one last time, but this time with some of Felicity's friends from nursery & a few of our neighbors.. again it was a lovely day. Felicity was spoilt rotten with lots more presents, cards & party food ;) tonight she has gne to bed one very exhausted little girl from this weekends birthday fun! & I really hope that we have made her proud & that she had thoroughly enjoyed all that we planned especially for her.


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