Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Diary post #105... Yet more hospital appointments.

Dear Diary.. 

Today I visited St James Hospital in Leeds to see an eye specialist because since my vp-shunt surgeries in Jamuary'15 I have been suffering with chronic headaches & pressure in my skull & eyes.. I have had two ct scans since my surgery to check both of my vp-shunts & they both came back okay, both of my shunts are working correctly & as they should, so I was then referred for this eye test. so today that is where I have been.

I went about my headaches & when I came out of the hospital 2 hours later I was none the wiser about what is causing my headaches (fab) - all I know is that it's NOT vp-shunt related, which is amazing news, BUT, whilst I was being tested they picked up that I am starting with Glaucoma. 

Basically, you know the colored part of your eye right? (I can't remember what he called it) mine has particals breaking off & floating around my eye & settling in places that it shouldn't. for one, the particals are settling in one of the drainage rivers in my eye which is then causing pressure to build up in my eye (hence the pain & pressure I have been feeling in my right eye) & this is how Glaucoma starts. I have to visit the Glaucoma Clinic in either Pinderfields Hospital or Pontefract in 3-6 weeks so they can diagnose me, because there are 4 dufferent types of Glaucoma & then they can plan which treatment I will be starting on.

So yeah, a fun-packed day all round!
(i'm being sarcastic) :p

& I will of course update on this matter once I know more...

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