Sunday, 12 July 2015

Diary Post #106. Chicken Pox.

My poorly spotty baby.

Dear Diary... 

it's been a whole lot of fun in our house for the past 2-3 weeks. 

Just before Felicity's first birthday Joel decided to bring Chicken Pox home with him from nursery, & this meant he was house bound for 7-10 days until his pox had scabbed over & cleared up & as luck would have it, I think because Joel is older, we had no problems with him at all, he didn't develop a temperature or anything, but saying that, it is his second time that he's had them, he was a lot worse when he caught them at 17 months old.

Felicity didn't seem to catch them though (or so we thought) she managed to reach her birthday & was perfectly well two weeks later but then it happened...... 3 days after her birthday I was changing her nappy & there they were, three little spots, then, four, then two on her leg, then some on her bum & back, they were popping up everywhere & in just a few hours, she was covered. by thursday she was really poorly & incredibly miserable, I mean who can blame her. Just looking at her made me want to itch so I can't imagine how she must have felt. 

so yeah, fun all round, I have spent this last week tending to my poorly baby whilst the hubs has looked after & attended to Joel. it's been a nightmare, I am not going to lie! i've had no sleep & to be frank, I don't actually know how I am still functioning. we are now on day 5 since the spots appeared & they are (thankfully) starting to scab over, the majority on her face have scabbed & some on her body are even starting to disappear, but our little lady is still a grumpy clingy madam.. i'm not the only one who's had no sleep afterall, & since yesterday she has done just that.. sleep. a couple of times I have even joined her, but the rest of the time it's been a case of, I need to chill the fuck out whilst she is sleeping, relax a little, drink a "hot" cup of tea. I have my fingers crossed that we are nearing the end now & once she has cleared up, she will be back to feeling more like herself.. 

I really hope that the UK get the Chicken Pox vaccine soon, because it could really do with it, as it's really not a nice thing to watch your child go through & well, this family has already been through enough this year with illness' & health problems.

 After all of this, if I never see Chicken Pox ever again, it will be too soon. 

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