Sunday, 12 July 2015

Diary Post #107. If you think this is about you, then hey it probably is.

Dear Diary..

Don't you just LOVE a good fake person?

It's absolutely hilarious how someone on social media, someone you have NEVER MET, can be your friend one minute & then all of a sudden they've joined the trolls playground. I just don't understand how some people can just be so..... PATHETIC. the internet definetely got it right when they brought out the term "sheep" there is so many insecure bellends on the internet that will follow ANYONE & ANYTHING it's untrue. one minute they're all supportive of you & telling you to "rise above" & then in their next breathe, because you stand up for yourself against someone who they're friends with, oh shit no! they can't be your friend anymore, & like a pathetic little 5 year old that just had their chocolate bar robbed, they go running telling everyone, "oh i'm not friends with so-an-so anymore" blah blah blah.

See you around then you fake piece of shit... i'm looking forward to the trolls getting hungry & eventually turning on you! what goes around comes around & all that jazz. 

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