Monday, 13 July 2015

Diary Post #108.. MY OPINION, none of your business.

Dear Diary..

So yesterday I shared a post onto my Facebook blog page about abortion.. I actually knew before I shared it that it would cause erruptions, because let's be honest, it's me who's sharing it & people don't like it when I give my opinions... if it was anybody else, no fucks would have been given. 

so yeah, I shared the post along with my views on abortion.... I don't agree with abortion. UNLESS it is because of such cases like rape, or a life threatening medical condition towards mother or child, but as for cases where people are just careless & stupid & decide to have a drunken fumble & not use anything, then those people should learn to face the conciquences. if you're going to be brave & open your legs & not use anything, you should then be brave & bring up that INNOCENT child that you created.. it's not the childs fault. 

The post I shared spoke about a 24 weeks gestation fetus being shredded whilst it cried out in pain in the womb. I bet you wouldn't let anyone shred up your children you have now? so why allow it to the unborn baby growing & LIVING inside of you? a life is a life, & it shouldn't just be snuffed out because the poor baby isnt "wanted" if you don't want a child then use a fucking condom or a decent form of protection.

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