Monday, 13 July 2015

Diary post #109. Fuck my life..... & these Migraines.

Dear Diary...

For 6 months I have had to put up with excrutiating migraines & my doctor wouldnt give me anything as he was "concerned" it might have been something to do with my vp-shunts so all he did was refer me back to my neurosurgeon... I have since found our that it ISNT anything to do with my vp-shunts & so I am now guna have to go back to my doctor & DEMAND he gives me something for this pain! I haven't yet heard anything from my nuerosurgeon & to be frank, I am at my whitts end.... I can't take much more, but I also dont know what to do anymore.. i'm sick to death of living like this. 

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