Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Diary Post #109... Joel leaves nursery.

Joel when he started The Grange at 16 months old, & Joel now at 4 years old.

Dear Diary... 

Tonight I am feeling really emotional thinking about the future, in September my beautiful little boy will be starting "big boy school" & I just cannot get over how fast he has grown up! 

On 4th Feburary 2012, at 16 months old Joel started at our local private nursery "The Grange" & this Friday (24.07.15) my little boy will be attended his very LAST afternoon at The Grange Nursery. I am SO proud of every last thing that Joel has accomplished whilst being at The Grange, & I cannot thank the staff enough for helping my boy to become the confident, cheeky & happy little boy that he is today. Most of all I want to thank his keyworker Annette Jabin for helping him through everything since he started in the pre-school room, & most of all, helping Joel learn to speak. Joel now drives us crazy with his constant talking & he quite literally never shuts up! & it is all because of Annette & the time & care she has put into working with us (& speech therapy over the past 12.5 months) to get Joel talking. I am so sad that he is leaving, but we still have our little ladybug there, & even she is already doing amazing! 

If I had to pick a nursery for my children all over again, I would still pick The Grange, without a doubt. I am more than confident that when it comes to Felicity leaving in a few years (which I don't really want to think about yet) she will also be a cheeky, happy & bright little girl. 

Thank you all so much for everything that you have done for the both of my children. 

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