Monday, 3 August 2015

Diary Post #112.. A Family afternoon out & about.

Dear Diary.. 
I haven't been around on my blog too much of late & I just want to apologise for that. I started up with Younique this past week & it kinda got a little bit addictive, that on top of it being the school holidays, so I rarely get chance to have anymore than 15-20 minutes at the computer. I am a little bit all over this week too, as on Thursday I am seeing my neurosurgeon again due to all of these constant headaches since surgery 8 months ago! no medication that I have been given seems to work, for long anyways- the only thing that does is sleep! & well, when I have two children I can't be spending my days in bed nursing a migraine! so fingers crossed he can sort me out WITHOUT me having to go through anymore surgery- I have been asking what to expect on Hydrocephalus sites & I kinda wish I hadn't now as most of the people I have spoken to have said my shunts sound like they're over draining, which usually means a shunt revision! & well, asif 4 revisions (surgery) this year already isnt enough! so yeah, i'm crossing my fingers that something can be done- anything other than more surgery.
On the brighter side of life, this afternoon we headed out for a little afternoon family walk. it's been lovely! the kids, mostly Joel has been hyper as hell & full of energy so we decided to take a walk.. making sure we stopped off at the park so that Joel & Felicity could play for a while.. we must have stayed there for well over an hour & then we walked home again! altogether I think where out of the house for around 3 hours & for me at least, it has definetely blown them cobwebs away, & I have also gotten some exercise out of it too🙌😁😁
so for the rest of this evening I think the plan is to just relax.. eat some crap & chillout. I hope everyone here is well & I am sorry that I kinda abandoned my blog just recently.

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