Saturday, 5 September 2015

Diary Post #115. September is Hydrocephlus Awareness Month.wee3ef

Dear Diary..

On Thursday 20th August I saw my neursosurgeon, because since having 4 lots of brain surgery in January I have since been suffering excrutiating headaches that started up in May & have been daily ever since. On Friday 14th August, I had xrays of my abdomin & abdomain done, followed by a ct scan of my head where both of my vp-shunts are placed. On Thursday we saw my consultant & after going through my scan with me from January-August he has told us that he is 99% sure that I am suffering with Low Pressure Headaches. These are very common in Hydrocephalus shunted patients & can last a good few months, in most cases they do settle down themselves & I am really hoping that mine do.

My reason for this post is that this month... September, is Hydrocephalus awareness month & for myself, & the thousands of other Hydro warriors out there, I want to spread awareness.. so please, if you are reading this post. Please share. I am 24 weeks post FOUR surgeries. 3 brain surgeries & 1 major stomach surgery, & everyday I live with constant pressure, & yet, I still rise to every challenge that is thrown at me. 

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