Sunday, 15 May 2016

Diary post number, i'm not sure! Hey there!

Hello there diary, it's been a long time! 

so I just wanted to do an upto date get to know me kind of post for all the people that have just stumbled apon my blog, hey there!
👋 but I also feel I need to do an update for all the likers & followers that have been here from the very beginning & that's been a while now - 4 years!😳😁😁
Okay so my name is Jharmain Mortimer, my friends call me Jharr, I am almost 28 years old & I have the worlds most loving & supportive husband that any girl could ever ask for!👌 we in live in Leeds (UK) with our two beautiful children, Joel who is 6 this year, & Felicity who is 2 this year! my blog will also be about them, probably more them than me to be fair!😂 I am disabled, I was born at 27 weeks & I live with 2 VP Shunts due to Hydrocephalus & I also live with severe Bronchiactisis Lung Disease throughout both of my lungs, I also suffer with Glaucoma, Manic Depression & Anxiety! an absolute wreck basically!😝😝
Last year I went through 3 lots of major brain surgery due to my shunt failing after 10 years of being well & I ended up needing a second one putting in place so yeah, now I live with two shunts!🙌 on a daily basis I suffer migraines, fatigue, & nausea, but I still try really hard to get on with life even tho I do spend a lot of my time stuck in bed!👊 I also suffer quite bad with memory loss... So if you don't always get a reply from me, or I forget to do something here that I said I would, its probably because I forgot!😂 seriously though, I have to laugh otherwise I would probably spend the majority of my days in tears!😭😂
What else? Oh yeah, I have just started my own business with Acti-Labs which is a company that specialises in HD makeup, inch loss, weight loss, & skin care!😁😁😁 I am really enjoying it!👍 I was with Younique for a brief period but it was just too much for me, it was too how do I put this nicely? 'Clicky' if your face didn't fit or you didn't do something asap then lord forbid, so I sacked that off & basically started something else.. as you do!👌😂😂
I am currently concentrating on my health at the moment tho as I am struggling quite a bit with this British Bipolar weather, I mean seriously, raining one day, glorious sunshine the next, it's really messing around with the pressures in my brain!!😳 ..
Anyways I think I might have just about covered everything, that I can remember!😝😂😂 I really look forward to getting to know all the new people that have joined my blog & also getting back in touch with the regulars! Thank you for still being here guys, it really does mean a lot.💗💗

Thank you for reading.. 
Speak soon beauties!😘😘😘

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