Monday, 6 June 2016

Race For Life 2016 - At Temple Newsam, Leeds.

Dear Diary..

On Sunday 5th June 2016, I did the race for life with my mother in law. My first time doing it in 2 years due to last year I was recovering from 3 lots of brain surgery, & the year before I was 38 weeks pregnant with my daughter Felicity. It was an amazing day & I loved every second of it, & as usual, I cannot wait for next year. 

We set off for Temple Newsam in Leeds where the event was being held at 10am, the race started at 11am, it took us approx 20 minutes to get there, & when we did, the atmosphere was utter electric. so many people had turned up to join in this fantastic & amazing event, it was literally A SEA OF PINK! an army of women all raising money for the same thing. to kill Cancer. we did a warm up which was so much fun, everyone bouncing around & dancing, completely buzzing with excitement, it is definitively one occasion I am was proud to be apart of. we then all set off at 11am. first the runner went, then the joggers shortly behind & then us, the walkers, following behind the joggers. 

The weather couldn't have turned out any better. it was a gorgeous day & everyone was in such high spirits, you could hear people chatting among themselves, some where chanting & sitting & others where laughing & telling jokes! my & my mum in got talking about all sorts, the best time for a good natter & a catch up! we got to the huge hill, the one thing I was wuite worried about, I wasnt sure that I would get up it, because like I said, I hadn't done it for 2 years, & its really rather a big big hill! but I did it, with even realizing, my mum in law said to me, well we're the top & I was like "eh, what?" & when I looked back we had walked all the way to the top, & I was so busy talking I hadn't even thought about it. 

whilst we walking we also past some cows, that were very friendly, & where all stood at the gate watching us as we walked b, so I plodded over & took some pictures, as you do.. & then we carried on walking & before I knew it, we were near the flower gardens, about 15 minutes away from the finish line, we had almost one it, I had almost done it, & I hadn't even broken a sweat! we finally got to the finish line & awaitng us was my father in law, my husband & our two children at the barriers clapping us on.. Joel & fliss wanted to finish with us, so they climbed over the barriers & crossed the finish line with us! it was immense! at te finish line I got a bottle of water (I was thirsty as mad) a little snack & my medal!

I am so proud of myself, especially after everything that I have been through myself in the last 16 months, when you put your own health problems to aside, just for one day, to do something for hundreds of other people out there suffering & fighting a fight that is so much bigger & worse than yours, it feels absolutely amazing! 

I cannot wait for 16th July 2016, when I will be taking part in my second charity event & shaving my head for Macmillan Cancer Suppport, so keep your eyes peeled for that post, 

& thank you for taking the time to read this one! Xxx 

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