Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Felicity Rae-Ellen, turns 2 years old.

Dear Diary.. 

For the past couple of weekends we have been celebrating my beautiful little ladybug's second birthday. on 25th June, we had her birthday party at my mother in laws house, one week before her birthday, this was due to my mother & father in law being due to fly to Austria on 4th July, the day after Felicity's actual birthday, so instead, so that all the family could celebrate with her, we had her party the weekend before her actual birthday. 

We celebrated at my husbands parents house (due to them having a bigger garden than us) & it turned out to be a lovely day, a few of Felicity's friends from nursery also turned up, alongside family & she had the best day, playing in the garden with friends, opening presents & stuffing her face! 

Felicity loved her dad, she received a lot of presents from her friends & some family that wouldn't be seeing her on her actual birthday.. she was truly spoilt.

At the end of the party after all Felicity's friends had gone home, my mum in law put on a BBQ for the family, as we all don't get to see each other all that much these days, so Felicity's party was the perfect occasion to crack open some alcoholic beverages & have some family time. 

A week later we celebrated my beautiful girls 2nd Birthday.. for reals, I was really surprised at how excited she was & how much she actually knew what was going on around her! she is so intelligent for the age of 2 years old, so much more developed than her lazy big brother was at that age ;) 

I think this year Joel suffered with his first experience of a slight bit of jealousy.. but Felicity was more than happy to let him help her open her presents, so he soon got over it. I just love how caring my children are towards each other & how much they love to be involved in everything each other is doing.. makes me feel so blessed, there may well be an almost 4 year age gap between them, but that just makes it so much more special because Joel is always there to look out for Felicity & she always looks up to her big brother & never leaves him out. 


The morning was spent with Joel & Felicity engrossed in playing with all of Felicity's new toys & I think it is safe to say, their favorite toy to play with together has to be the Elephant ball popper we bought, they have had hours of fun laughing their arses off at it already. 

In the afternoon, the in laws came over for a few hours to give Felicity her presents & basically to see the kids before they jetted off to Austria in the early hours of Monday morning! they spend a few hours with us, playing with Joel & Fliss in the garden, & we also did cake too!! although she had a cake for her party, I also wanted one for her birthday too, so I got the lady who does my childrens cake each year to do me two cakes, one for her party & then a smaller one for her actual birthday, & it was so pretty... & yummy!

Just before tea time we said goodbye to Nanna & Granddad & then Joel & Felicity went to play in the garden & wait for the ice cream van... come on, what's a birthday without cake AND ice cream? ;) we then spent the next hour playing in the garden, Joel & Felicity have scooter races & me, falling on my arse trying to get pictures.... no, sorry, I don't have any pictures of that "incident" 

Overall Felicity had an amazing birthday & when bedtime rolled around, which was just slightly later than her usual time, because she was having for much fun, daddy had no problems getting her settled... he didnt even get chance to finish their "bedtime song" before she was snoring softly.

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