Monday, 25 July 2016

School is OUT for SUMMER.

Dear Diary... 

On Friday my beautiful boy broke up from school for the summer & finished reception!
He was very excited to see his teachers Mrs Thomas & his TA, Mr Hopes to give them their presents when he got to school, although he had it in his head that he's never going to see them again.. so Mr Hopes sat down with Joel & explained to him that he will still see Mr Hopes & Mrs Thomas again next year, everyday in fact, they will just be teaching younger children because Joel is a big grown up bot now so he will be moving into Miss Harrison's class which is a bigger class for older little boys! the look of excitement that then spread across Joel's face was amazing..... I almost shed a tear myself. 

Joel has grown up so much in this last year, & I couldn't be anymore proud if I tried. 

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