Friday, 29 July 2016

Severe Neuropathy Nerve Damage due to surgery? - Add it to the list.

Dear Diary..

So for the past 3 weeks I have been suffering with a weakness in my left side, migraines, nausea & blurred vision. after 4 days of no sleep & being in constant pain, I decided to give the neurology ward at Leeds General Infirmary a call, I spoke to a shunt specialist, & he advised that I went in for a scan to see what was going on!

when I got to the hospital, I was taken into a room with Hugh & he went over everything that had been going on with me & decided that a scan was definitely needed, so I was then sent down for a CT scan... after I had my scan, I was then told that one of my vessels in my brain looked paler than it should & that I may well have suffered a small stroke, so then they had to get the stroke team to look my scan over, a few hour later I was visited by a stroke specialist who thankfully, ruled out a stroke, & put it down to Neuropathy nerve damage! I was then seen by a neurologist that explained everything that was going on in my body, & he placed me on some new medication & is wanting to see me again in a few weeks & has also said that I may-well need to attend physio & I am to see him again on 8th September to see how I am getting along with my medication! fingers crossed it works, because this pain is awful!

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