Sunday, 7 August 2016

My not so little boy.

I cannot believe that in just 5 weeks time, my not so little boy is going to be 6 years old!! it only feels like yesterday that I met you for the first time & was sat cradling you in my arms, tears streaming down my face because I knew what a battle you still had ahead of you! but with every breathe you have taken, & with every bit of strength & determination, you have shown me, & everyone around you, just how strong of a person you truly are. you defined the odds & you made it into this world, you fought like a true warrior at 14 months old, & you have gone on to blossom & make my heart glow with pride every day since! you are my world, you are my warrior, & you will forever be my beautiful baby boy, even when you are grown & have a family of your own.

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