Sunday, 22 October 2017

He Assaulted Me & She Terrorized My 3 Year Old Daughter...

Dear Diary...

On Friday 29th September I was assaulted walking Fliss home from nursery. It had been raining all day, but for the nursery run it has brightened up slightly so we decided to walk along the track at the back of our house on our way home so that she could splash in the puddles, I was also taking a video of her doing this. when we were about 5 minutes from our house we decided to cut down some steps, & as we approached the top of the steps to come down them, at the bottom stood a man, a woman with a pram & there was a little girl playing with a dog! as we slowly came down the steps towards them, the woman asked me if I was recording them, to which I replied "no, I am recording my daughter" their daughter then approached Fliss to say hello, so I put my camera behind my daughters head so not to get the little girl on the video.... her daughter looked around the same age as Fliss, possibly a little younger, & her parents were stood in an alley-way smoking weed! still, I decided to ignore this fact, & I proceeded to walk past him & her so that I could carry on my walk home with Fliss... then, as I passed him, he lifted his foot & kicked me in the arm... I have nerve damage in the left side of my body due to FND & him kicking me instantly caused pins & needles in my arm & some pain... he knocked me completely off balance, but I managed to not fall over, but I did drop my phone, which smashed the screen! luckily I managed to grab it again before either of them did & when I regained my balance I turned round to see where Fliss was & she had run off ahead & was shouting for her daddy.
So I immediately jogged after her, leaving them thugs behind us, & once I reached Fliss, I picked her up & I ran.. (best I could with pins & needles) the woman then shouted "why are you running" & started running after us.... I got to the bottom of our street & my leg went dead, so I had to put Fliss down & I told her to run! run home & get daddy, as I was sure this woman was going to catch up to me & lamp me one or something, so I had to make sure Fliss wasn't in the way, but she didn't anyways, she just followed behind me whilst I hobbled all the way back to my house shouting abuse at me! I wasn't really listening tho tbf, as I had my eyes firmly on Fliss to make sure she got to the top of the street & into our garden okay..... & then once I got home the woman said "right I know where you live now" & then she disappeared off into an unknown direction.... I got in the house to find Fliss safe with her dad, he looked at me confused & I fell to pieces! I told him everything & he immediately called the police..... to which they turned up 10 minutes later.
What those thugs don't know is that when he assaulted me, I was still recording on my phone, so I got the whole thing on video.... I got their faces on camera & everything! so when the police came I showed them the video & passed screenshots of their faces on to the officer via email & gave a statement... I had no idea who they were at the time so couldn't give no names... but later that evening I did a bit of investigating & for 30 minutes I put their faces up on Facebook & asked for their names.... in those 30 minutes my inbox was flooded with people giving me their names & their address! & loads of people also told me they were both known to the police & are bad news! so the following day I updated the police with their names & address.
They spent 2 weeks intimidating me & walking up my street past my house...... but there wasn't anything I could do as they didn't say or do anything! that is, until Tuesday (10th Oct) when they made a big mistake!
I was walking home from the shop when I saw her stood at my gate, I thought nothing of it & planned on pushing past her to get into my garden, but then I realized someone was walking behind me... it was him! he had come up behind me & they were both obviously going to try corner me at my garden gate or something....but what they didn't know is that my whole street knows about them & what they have done now!
my neighbor came out & shouted me over to hers as a distraction, as she saw him behind me, & when I crossed the road he said to me "yeah go on, you silly C*nt"
me a silly cunt? really?!!!!!!
So again, we called the Police Tuesday evening, they came to our house & I gave another statement... these jerks are only digging a deeper hole for themselves!!
its has been 3 weeks since the original incident now & on 12th October, the officer dealing with my assault called to say that the male (Chris Brown) had been invited in for an interview to give his version of events & if he didn't turn up he will be arrested.. & her (Natalie Dinsdale) is currently on a public order for fighting....

What sickens me is that they've had their children with them each time they made an attack on me..... what sort of parents are they?

Our newest update was on Friday 20th October & again the officer dealing with my case called & told me that Chris Brown & his girlfriend, Natalie Dinsdale who followed us home & terrified Felicity, didn't turn up to their voluntary interview that they were both invited too, & because she is currently on a public order for fighting, I now have grounds to prosecute & take them to court.
So the officer is going to follow up with me again soon with a court date & I am going to nail the fuckers.... Felicity has been very much effected by what happened to us, as now she is scared of EVERY man that she sees & doesn't know... if she is walking to nursery with me or her dad & she sees another male approaching us that she doesn't know, she hides behind us & grips our clothing & doesn't let go.... & only 2 weeks ago she was grocery shopping with her granddad & daddy, & she likes to go in the trolley with her granddad, & when they were browsing & doing shopping, a man in a hoodie walked past them & Felicity just burst into tears... her granddad asked her what was wrong & she pointed at the man & said "bad man granddad" so Neil then hunted the grocery store to see if it was him, but it wasn't!
That just proves what they have done to her, never mind what they've also done to me!!! so for my daughter, I am prosecuting those arse-hats within an inch of their lives.

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